Women’s Jackets: Bolero, Blazer, Motorcycle, Fleece


Welcome to the last¬†installmant in our three-part guide to women’s jackets, that garment we particularly love around here at Jacket Sale Shop. While we did a similar guide for men earlier this month, we’re now focusing on the many different options available to women.¬†Last week, we looked at leather, military, and puffer jackets; today, we’ll round out the guide with quick looks at bolero, blazer, motorcycle, and fleece jackets.


These short, lightweight and colorful jackets take their name from the tailored, Spanish coats of the same name worn by bullfighters. They are extremely versatile; you can find them as lightweight accessories or more substantial insulating garments.


Made famous by American women in business and politics like current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the blazer is similar to the suit jacket, though they have the capacity to be more casual than their counterparts. These jackets offer a more relaxed fit, can be single- or double-breasted, and are usually made of a material like wool to give them a hardiness. They often fasten via metal buttons.


Though usually made from leather, motorcycle jackets can also be made of synthetic materials. Though leather offers more protection during the activity for which the jacket is designed to be used — riding motorcycles — the motorcycle jacket should have protective reinforcements in places like the elbow, shoulders, and top of the back.


A strictly casual item but one of our favorites, the fleece jacket is a fun outerwear piece for fall and spring — especially for soccer moms!

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