More Women’s Jackets: Leather, Military, Puffer

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Welcome to the second installmant in our three-part guide to women’s jackets, that garment we particularly love around here at Jacket Sale Shop. While we did a similar guide for men earlier this month, we’re now focusing on the many different options available to women. Today, we’ll be discussing leather, military, and puffer jackets.


The leather jacket is a whole category of jackets unto itself. Leather jackets come in a variety of styles and cuts, with few standards: they can be tighter fitting or looser, come in a higher or lower cut, and can come in a myriad of color. Though they are typically for casual occassions, no one ever turned someone away from a formal party because of well-executed black leather jacket ensemble.


These jackets take their design cues from the uniforms of military servicewomen across the world, though the category undoubtedly owes a huge debt to the British royal navy. These jackets are usually influenced by styles originating in the World Wars. This a less functional jacket than some of the others on the list, but has its uses as a fashion accessory.


The puffer jacket is usually a lightweight, well-insulated jacket suitable for late fall. It is typically made from synthetic, man-made materials, sewn in sections: an easily recognizable design. These make great additions to a wardrobe for women who live in chilly fall climates, something you can grab and throw on before walking down the street to meet a friend for hot cider.

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