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Did you know that jackets and coats are actually two different categories of garment? Not many people know it, but there is a functional difference between the two! Jacket actually comes from a french word, “jaquet,” which translates loosely to “light tunic.” Though coat and jacket are often used interchangeably, they don’t refer to the same kinds of clothing: coats are traditionally longer, more insulated, and looser, while jackets are shorter, with longer sleeves, a tighter fit, and less insulated.


It’s hard to know these days what kind of jacket you should buy. Earlier this month, we helped the other sex with a multipart guide describing six kinds of coats they shouldn’t go without. Now, we’ll do the same for the ladies in our three-part guide. We’ll be looking at nine different styles of coat available to the modern woman jacket buyer.


The denim jacket can be found in dozens of different washes and styles, and is a fantastic casual option in the summer and fall. The denim jacket should fall just below the waist, and usually has buttons at the wrists and waistband. You can also find shorter cuts to complement your midriff if you’re so inclined.


The lightest of the lightweight jacket category, the windbreaker can also be known as a parka, anorak, or windcheater. This jacket is designed to protect against the wind and light rain, and is almost always made from a lightweight material so that it can be stuffed into a pouch or purse with ease.

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