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Welcome to final installment of Jacket Sale Shop‘s Guide to Men’s Coats, where we’ve taken a look at six classic coats that never go out of style. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the posts on the overcoatthe parka, the car coatthe peacoat, and the duffle coat.

Another military origin

If it isn’t clear enough already, the modern man owes much of his coat style to the military — like the duffle coat and the peacoat, the trench coat is an updated version of a garment designed for war. In the case of the trench coat, its design goes back to the trench warfare of World War I, the style of war from which it takes its name. The coat was designed by Thomas Burberry for the British military, and he outfitted the coat with a never-before-seen material he invented known as gabardine. The fabric was water-repellent, weatherproof, lightweight but sturdy, and could be worn over other clothing.

A recognizable style

A hallmark of the trench coat is its intricate details. It features a wide vent across the back, the shoulders usually feature epaulets, belted cuffs, a turndown collar, laupels on a double-breast, and shin length with a belted waist. Because they’re designed to be worn over other clothing, they pair well with suits and formal wear, as well as with casual attire. They’re also usually great for all kinds of weather, making them a must-have for your coat collection.

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