The Duffle Coat

duffle coat

Welcome to part five of Jacket Sale Shop‘s Guide to Men’s Coats, where we’re taking a look at six classic coats that never go out of style. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the posts on the overcoatthe parka, the car coat, and the peacoat.

Designed for the water

Like the peacoat we talked about last week, the duffle coat owes its design and origins to the military. The duffle coat – which steals its name from the material with which it was originally made, a thick, tough wool called duffel – was used by the British Royal Navy during the World Wars. The Navy designed the garment with a closure devices known as walrus teeth, which are toggles meant to be easy to fasten and unfasten while wearing gloves, as sailors do while out at sea.


The duffle coat features a number of characteristics that make it better for casual events than formal ones. In addition to the fun but not-formal walrus teeth, the duffle also features two patch pockets, a tartan lining around its oversize hood (meant to accommodate a naval cap underneath, a buttonable strap at the neck, and a hip length. Because of these many flourishes, this coat is better for running errands during the day or meeting a friend for a coffee than a dinner date or anything that requires wearing a suit.



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