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Welcome to part three of Jacket Sale Shop‘s Guide to Men’s Coats, where we’re taking a look at six classic coats that never go out of style. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the posts on the overcoatthe parka, and the car coat.

Navy greens

The peacoat has a fascinating history, and while we won’t get into all of it just now, we’ll give a brief overview of this popular coat. Although the origins of the coat are a little more ambiguous than some of the other coats’ on this list, the Oxford Dictionary claims that the name “peacoat” probably comes from 18th century Dutch, from the word pijjakker, meaning ‘coat of coarse cloth.’

Camplin, a popular Italian maker of peacoats which originated in Britain, claims to have designed a coat specifically for the British Royal Navy. Made specifically for petty officers, it was eventually called the Petty Coat, or P. Coat for short. The American Navy then adapted the P. Coat into the peacoat, and the rest is history.


As peacoats grew popular with civilians, it was at first only available in navy blue or black, and in heavy, scratchy wool. Those restrictions have loosened, and peacoats are now available in a broader range of colors and fabric types. However, they retain their double-breasted button closer, wide notched collar and lapel, and often have nautical symbols engraved on buttons to hark back to their origins. Neat!

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