The Car Coat

car coat

Welcome to part two of Jacket Sale Shop‘s Guide to Men’s Coats, where we’re taking a look at six classic coats that never go out of style. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the posts on the overcoat and the parka.


Remember when cars didn’t have windshields? Yeah, neither do we. Car coats were designed for a different time entirely – a time when open-air cars weren’t just convertibles driven by the rich and / or the geriatric, but the common template for most cars. Because cars were open, coat manufacturers created a garment specifically for driving in these vehicles, hence the name “car coat.”

Taking on the elements

Given it’s history, the car coat’s design makes sense: an A-line cut and wide cuffs to give drivers a full range of motion for driving while still protecting against the elements, heavy materials like wool for insulation and features like welt pockets and a flat front placket over the closure to shield against the wind and the rain. Buttons are the typical closure on car coats, but zippers are available and acceptable as well.

Although the history of its design is utilitarian — and it remans very functional even today — the car coat’s minimalism and simplicity make for a stylish everyday coat that can be dressed up or down for a number of occasions. This will make one handy addition to your wardrobe.

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